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Album Artist Track Artist Title Album
GrandaddyGrandaddyThe Fox In The Snow2020's Over Covers (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyIn My Room2020's Over Covers (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyHewlett's DaughterAlbum Sampler (cdsingle)
GrandaddyGrandaddyA.M. 180Album Sampler (cdsingle)
GrandaddyGrandaddyLevitz (Birdless)Album Sampler (cdsingle)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyHewletts DaughterFuelling the Nation (coverdisc)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyThe Crystal Lake (Piano Version)Greetings From Uncut G.B. (15 Tracks Of The Month's Best Music) (coverdisc)
GrandaddyGrandaddyHe's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The PilotHe's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot - CD (cdsingle)
GrandaddyGrandaddyWives Of FarmersHe's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot - CD (cdsingle)
GrandaddyGrandaddyN. BlenderHe's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The Pilot - CD (cdsingle)
GrandaddyGrandaddyHewlett's DaughterHewlett's Daughter - Uk [Disc 1] (cdsingle)
GrandaddyGrandaddyXd-Data-IiHewlett's Daughter - Uk [Disc 1] (cdsingle)
GrandaddyGrandaddyStreet BunnyHewlett's Daughter - Uk [Disc 1] (cdsingle)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyThe Boat Is In The BarnHypermusic (Uncut) (coverdisc)
Original SoundtrackGrandaddyRevolutionI Am Sam (dlibrary)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyAlan Parsons In A Winter WonderlandIt's A Cool, Cool Christmas (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyWhat Happened...Just Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyJeez LouiseJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddySummer...It's GoneJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyOxygen / Aux SendJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyRear View MirrorJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThe Animal WorldJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddySkateboarding Saves Me TwiceJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyWhere I'm AnymoreJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddy0.5Just Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyGuide Down DeniedJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyElevate MyselfJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyCampershell DreamsJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyDisconnectyJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThis Is How It Always StartsJust Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyShangri-La (Outro)Just Like The Fambly Cat (itunes)
GrandaddyGrandaddyWay We Won'tLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyBrush With The WildLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyEvermoreLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThe Boat Is In The BarnLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyChek InjinLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyI Don't Wanna Live Here AnymoreLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThat's What You Get For Gettin' Outta BedLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThis Is The PartLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyJed The 4thLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddyA Lost MachineLast Place (vinyl)
GrandaddyGrandaddySongbird SonLast Place (vinyl)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyHe's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the PilotQ: The Best Tracks From the Best Albums of 2000 (coverdisc)
GrandaddyGrandaddyNow It's OnSumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyI'm On StandbySumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThe Go In The Go For ItSumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThe Group Who Couldn't SaySumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyLost On Yer Merry WaySumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyEl Caminos In The WestSumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyYeah Is What We HadSumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddySaddest Vacant Lot In All The WorldSumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyStray Dog With The Chocolate ShakeSumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyO.K With My DecaySumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThe Warming SunSumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThe Final Push To The SumSumday (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyGentle Spike ResortThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyWretched SongsThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyLevitzThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyAway Birdies With Special SoundsThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyKim You Bore Me To DeathThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyFor The DishwasherThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyPre MercedThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddySikh In A Baja VW BugThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyLava KissThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyFentryThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyEgg Hit And Jack TooThe Broken Down Comforter Collection (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyHe's Simple, He's Dumb, He's The PilotThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyHewlett's DaughterThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyJed The HumanoidThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyThe Crystal LakeThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyChartsengrafsThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyUnderneath The Weeping WillowThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyBroken Household Appliance National ForestThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyJed's Other PoemThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyMiner At The Dial-A-ViewThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddySo You'll Aim Toward The SkyThe Sophtware Slump (dlibrary)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyMiner at the Dial-a-ViewUnconditionally Guaranteed 2000.6 (coverdisc)
Various ArtistsGrandaddy"Yeah" Is What We HadUncut 2003.09: Pick of the Month (coverdisc)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyFor the DishwasherUncut Unconditionally Guaranteed, Volume 7: August 1999 (coverdisc)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyLost on Yer Merry WayUncut: Across the Great Divide: Music Inspired by The Band (coverdisc)
GrandaddyGrandaddyNonphenomenal lineageUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyA.M 180Under The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyCollective dreamwish of upperclass eleganceUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddySummer here kidsUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyLaughing stockUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyUnder the Western FreewayUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyEverything beutiful is far awayUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyPoisoned at Hartsy Thai FoodUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyGo progress chromeUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyWhy took your adviceUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
GrandaddyGrandaddyLawn and so onUnder The Western Freeway (dlibrary)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyNow It's On (Xfm session)X-Ray CD#07 (coverdisc)
Various ArtistsGrandaddyEl Caminos in the WestX-Ray CD#11 (coverdisc)


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